Una Miller Visual Artist


In art as in life, beauty and truth are to be found in nature and the natural the visible and the invisible.

   Una Miller

   PO Box 1176 Weipa, 
   Australia 4874


  email: [email protected]

  Phone:  (07) 4069 7195






Una is a self representing artist who has had a passion for most things artistic and creative since she could walk using vibrant colours as her guiding principle..

Growing up and living in Tropical Queensland Australia, Una is strongly influenced by the colors and subject matter of that area. With a love of large formats and brilliant color, stylized lines along with bright vivid color combinations are a main focus in each piece of artwork.

Her true passion is color theory and design and how compositions can play an emotional role in the viewer.
Other than a few sketching classes and art lessons at school, Una is a self taught artist who paints for relaxation and it is almost a form of medtation for her.

All of her paintings are painted in an acrylic medium on pre stretched canvas panels and boards in a variety of sizes. She has dabbled with other mediums including oil pastels, charcoal, watercolours, pencil (sketching) and has even put her hand at pottery.

Not all paintings are shown here and will be updated regularly.

Una's interest in art began at an early age but it was not until later in life that she developed her artistic passion. 

She enjoy's the escape that painting brings and the opportunity to express her natural creativity. Visual art provides an avenue for her to explore ideas and impressions from a personal perspective.

Una's collection of domestic rescued and surrenderd parrots keep her busy when she is not painting, also devoting much of her time to wildlife rescue and rehabilition.

Mediums and Techniques:
Acrylic, Oil, Sand, Paper, Watercolours, Charcoal, Oil Pastels, Pencil, Ink, Enamel, Decoupage.  

canvas, canvas board, paper

Water colour techniques with acrylic
Personalised dry brush technique
Sponges and any other items depending on the image I wish to portray.